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Commercial Price List For Professional Services

April 03, 2020

PS-1 Chief Scientist  $272.75
PS-2 Senior Security Engineer  $207.29
PS-3 Intermediate Security Engineer  $169.105
PS-4 Security Engineer  $130.92
PS-5 Senior Systems Engineer  $180.015
PS-6 Subject Matter Expert  $409.125
PS-7 Intermediate Administrative Assistant  $87.28
PS-8 Expert Security Engineer  $300.025
PS-9 Senior Analyst II  $163.65
PS-10 Senior Information Engineer $180.015
PS-11 Consultant $130.92
PS-12 Senior Scientist $141.83
PS-13 Security Technician $103.645
PS-14 Lead Analyst II $141.83
PS-15 Principal Engineer $207.29
PS-16 Analyst I $103.645
PS-17 Analyst II $130.92
PS-18 Consultant I $152.74
PS-19 Consultant II $185.47
PS-20 Senior Consultant $300.025
PS-21 Subject Matter Expert I $229.11
PS-22 Subject Matter Expert II $272.75
PS-23 Senior Management Consultant $381.85
PS-24 Principal Management Consultant $436.4
PS-25 Task Order Manager I $147.285
PS-26 Task Order Manager II $180.015
PS-27 Project Manager I $163.65
PS-28 Project Manager II $180.015
PS-29 Project Manager III $196.38
PS-30  Program Manager I $245.475
PS-31 Program Manager II $272.75
PS-32 Support Staff $87.28
PS-33 Documentation Specialist $109.1
PS-34 Senior Analyst $158.195
PS-35 Principal Analyst $207.29
PS-36 Lead Security Engineer $190.925
PS-37 Infosec Analyst I $73.7516
PS-38 Infosec Analyst II $98.19
PS-39 Infosec Analyst III $120.01
PS-40 Computer Specialist I $96.70624
PS-41 Computer Specialist II $106.918
PS-42 Technical Specialist Senior $161.468
PS-43 Quality Analyst I $92.735
PS-44 Quality Analyst II $114.555
PS-45 Software Architect $245.475
PS-46 Software Consultant $272.75
PS-47 Software Developer I $109.1
PS-48 Software Developer II $152.74
PS-49 Software Developer III $185.47
PS-50 Software Engineer I $109.1
PS-51 Software Engineer II $163.65
PS-52 Software Engineer III $190.925
PS-53 Admin Assistant $54.55
PS-54 Business Analyst I $114.555
PS-55 Business Analyst II $130.92
PS-56 Business Analyst III $147.285
PS-57 Program/Financial Support $158.195
PS-58 Marketing/Communications Specialist $130.92
PS-59 Test Analyst Senior $147.285
PS-60 Test Analyst Principal $169.105
PS-61 System Administrator I $109.1
PS-62 System Administrator II $152.74
PS-63 System Engineer I $141.83
PS-64 System Engineer II $185.47
PS-65 HIT Analyst (Senior) $177.98574
PS-66 HIT Analyst (Mid) $159.74422
PS-67 HIT Analyst (Junior) $96.60805
PS-68 HIT Engineer (Senior) $187.57563
PS-69 HIT Engineer (Mid) $169.38866
PS-70 HIT Engineer (Junior) $111.21654
PS-71 Health Program Manager (Senior) $211.26124
PS-72 HIT Task Manager $137.82603
PS-73 HIT Expert $227.83353